Links to relavent research centres and projects

OREGIN (Rothamsted Research, University of Warwick, University of York): Defra oilseed rape genetic improvement network. For more information, see (PDF): UKBRC factsheet OREGIN

VEGIN (University of Warwick): Defra Vegetable Genetic Improvement Network. For more information, see (PDF): UKBRC factsheet VeGIN

Increasing Protein production in oilseed rape (ADAS, Yara, Precision Decisions, Agrovista, BOCM Pauls): For more information, see (PDF): UKBRC factsheet ADAS

Brassica IGF Project (John Innes Centre): The web-resource developed by this project allows users to browse the database, view probes selected for hybridisation and request BAC clones.

Beneforte broccoli: Super-broccoli, developed at the Institute of Food Research and the John Innes Centre, is now on the shelves of Asda and M&S. For for information, see (PDF): UKBRC factsheet Beneforte





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