The UK Vegetable Genebank (UKVGB) – Based at the Wellesbourne campus of the University of Warwick, the UKVGT manages a collection of approximately 14,000 samples of vegetable crops, including about 6,000 Brassica accessions. Contact the genebank to check availability and request seed samples.

Brassica Information Portal – This is a web repository for population and trait scoring information related to the Brassica breeding community. It provides information about quantitative trait loci and links curated Brassica phenotype experimental data with genotype information stored in external data sources. Advanced data submission capabilities and APIs enable users to store and publish their own study results in our Portal.

York Oilseed Rape Knowledgebase – Summary of resources produced by Ian Bancroft’s group at the University of York. – This site collates and exchanges open source information relating to Brassica genomics and genetics, on behalf of the MBGP. The site contains registries of reference datasets and nomenclature standards, and searchable access to relevant databases. This includes a comprehensive compilation of ongoing public domain genome sequencing. In addition, a number of publications are made available exclusively from this site. The site also hosts information for BMAP, the Brassicales Map Alignment Project.

BRACT (Biotechnology Resources for Arable Crop Transformation) is a transformation platform based at the John Innes Centre; offering a range of resources and services for Brassica, barley and wheat transformation. Further information can be found at

RevGenUK is a technology platform for reverse genetics in plants and is based at the John Innes Centre. They currently offer TILLING in Brassica rapa (R-o-18), Brassica napus (Cabriolet) and Brassica oleracea (DH1012) in addition to the model legumes Lotus and Medicago. An in silico Brassica rapa mutant-finding resource from targeted re-sequencing of 1000 TILLING lines will be launched in 2015. Please enquire through the RevGenUK website.

Brassica Database – The Brassica database is a web-based database of genetic data at the whole genome scale for important Brassica crops. Data available include the complete Brassica A genome sequence from B. rapa (Chiifu-401) genetic markers and maps of B. rapa. The database is continuously updated and accepts submission of genetic and genomic data of Brassica crops from the research community.

Brassica GDB – The Brassica-specific area of PlantGDB, the web resource that develops robust genome annotation methods, tools, and standard training sets for plant genomes.

IMSORB – A marker system for oilseed rape breeding

AHDB Horticulture – Manages the levy board activities of the Agricultural and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) for the horticultural sector (formerly Horticultural Development Company – HDC)
Brassica Growers Association
AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds – The cereals and oilseeds division of the Agriculture and Horticultural Development Board (formally the Home Grown Cereals Authority – HGCA).
Recommended Lists for Winter Oilseed Rape
Recommended Lists for Spring Oilseed Rape

Other Communities:

Monogram: The small grain cereal and grass research network

GARNet: The Arabidopsis research network


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