The 2017 general conference of the UK Brassica Research Community was on 03 May at the University of Nottingham, Sutton Bonington Campus. A PDF of the final programme can be downloaded here: UKBRC2017 programme


Below are links to the presentations:

Research Community brief updates

Alison Fraser (Nottingham): Improving nitrogen use efficiency in oilseed rape – 1_Alison_Fraser_UKBRC_2017

Marie Bruser (JIC): From B. napus to Arabidopsis, from pod to embryo – 2_Marie_Bruser_UKBRC_2017

Mikhaela Neequaye (IFR): Using novel Broccoli lines to understand glucosinolate production and sulphur metabolism – 3_Mikhaela_Neequaye_UKBRC_2017

Fryni Drizou (Nottingham): Herbivory and Oilseed rape-Rhizoctonia solani AG 2-1 interaction

Thomas Alcock (Nottingham): Nutrient uptake in Brassica napus – 5_Tom_Alcock_UKBRC_2017

Jessica Hughes (JIC): Palatability of oilseed rape to the cabbage stem flea beetle – 6_Jessica_Hughes_UKBRC_2017

Henk-jan Schonbeek (JIC): MAQBAT: Mechanistic Analysis of Quantitative disease resistance in Brasssica napus by Association Transcriptomics – 7_Henk-jan_Schoonbeek_UKBRC_2017

Hicret Yalcin (JIC): PAMP-Triggered Immunity & Quantitative Disease Resistance in Brassicas – 8_Hicret_Yalcin_UKBRC_2017

Carmel O’Neil (JIC): Measuring and improving Brassica seed vigour performance – 9_Carmel_O’Neill_UKBRC_2017

Rumiana Ray (Nottingham): ICAROS project – 10_Rumiana_Ray_UKBRC_2017

Graham Teakle (Warwick): Yield decline and the rhizosphere microbiome – 11_Graham_Teakle_UKBRC_2017

Richard Broughton (Rothamsted): Improving phytosterol content and composition in Brassica napus oil – 12_Richard_Broughton_UKBRC_2017

Rui Guan (Rothamsted): Optimizing cuticular wax in Brassica rapa to improve photosynthesis and resistance – 13_Rui_Gan_UKBRC_2017

Joana Vicente (Warwick): White blister rust of mustards – 14_Joana_Vicente_UKBRC_2017

Eleri Tudor (JIC)

Community grant / resources updates

Wiktor Jurowski (Earlham): Development of Brassica Information Portal a resource for phenotypic data – 16_Wiktor_Jurowski_UKBRC_2017

Lars Ostergaard (JIC): The BRAVO project – 17_Lars_Ostergaard_UKBRC_2017

Ian Bancroft (York): Resource update relating to RIPR and OREGIN projects – 18_Ian_Bancroft_UKBRC_2017

Mathew Nelson (Kew): Potential sLoLa – Bioactive Compounds from Crucifers – 20_Mathew_Nelson_UKBRC_2017


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