The 2016 general conference of the UK Brassica Research Community was on 13 April at the John Innes Centre, Norwich. A PDF of the final programme can be downloaded here: UKBRC2016 programme


Below are links to the presentations:

Dana MacGregor (JIC): Enhancing Brassica seed germination by altering cold signalling
components – 1_Dana_MacGregor_UKBRC_2016

Carmel O’Neill (JIC): Brassica seed germination and seedling vigour using the B. napus DFFS material – 2_Carmel_ONeill_UKBRC_2016

Emily Hawkes (JIC): A conserved long non-coding RNA in the transition to flowering

Harjeevan Kaur (York): Genetic control of seed oil composition in oilseed rape – 4_Harjeevan_Kaur_UKBRC_2016

Aofie Sweeney (York): Investigating the genetic basis of micronutrient efficiency in B. napus – 5_Aoife_Sweeney_UKBRC_2016

Thomas Alcock (Nottingham): Identifying genes controlling nutrient use in B. napus – 6_Thomas_Alcock_UKBRC_2016

Mikhaela Neequaye (IFR): Genetic Control of Sulphur Metabolism in Brassica: Making Better Broccoli

Varanya Kittipol (York): Genetic basis of glucosinolates variability in Brassica species – 8_Varanya_Kittipol_UKBRC_2016

Lenka Havlickova (York): Unravelling the Genetic Control of Tocopherol Biosynthesis in Rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) using Associative Transcriptomics – 9_Lenka_Havlickova_UKBRC_2016

Zhesi He (York): Visualizing homoeologous exchanges and alien introgressions in B. napus – 10_Zhesi_He_UKBRC_2016

Fryni Drizou (Nottingham): Finding resistance of oilseed rape to Rhizoctonia solani

Tom Lawrenson (JIC): CRISPR Genome Editing update – 12_Tom_Lawrenson_UKBRC_2016

Geraint Perry (Garnet): Introduction to GARNet – and improving links with UKBRC – 13_Geraint_Parry_UKBRC_2016

Dan Bolser (EMBL-EBI): Brassica resources in Ensembl Plants – 14_Dan_Bolser_UKBRC

Anne-Marie Eckes (EI): The Brassica Information Portal a phenotyping data base( with illustrated examples – 14_Annemarie_Eckes_UKBRC_2016

Natalia Stawniak (York): Commercialising thermo-stable rapeseed oil for the bio-lubricants
industry – 15_Natalia_Stawniak_UKBRC_2016

Fei-Yian Yoong (JIC): Improving seed vigour and resilience trait in Brassica oleracea – 16_FeiYian_Yoong_UKBRC_2016

Andrea Harper (York): Broadening the genetic diversity underpinning seed quality and yield
related traits in mustard rape and oilseed rape – 17_Andrea_Harper_UKBRC_2016

Eleri Tudor (JIC): Targeting FRIGIDA for a robust flowering phenotype in oilseed rape – 18_Eleri_Tudor_UKBRC_2016

Marc Jones (JIC): B. napus through space and time: Gene expression in flowering
rapeseed – 19_Marc_Jones_UKBRC_2016

Callum Paul Scotson (Aber): Computed tomography technology: the study of oilseed rape seeds – 20_Callum_Paul_Scotson_UKBRC_2016

Helen Holmes (ADAS): Determining the cost of lodging in oilseed rape in the UK – 21_Helen_Holmes_UKBRC_2016

Helen Riordan (York): Investigating the genetic basis of Boron efficiency in B. napus – 22_Helen_Riordan_UKBRC_2016

Marie Bruser (JIC): From a diversity set to specific gene targets: Crop – Model – Crop – 23_Marie_Bruser_UKBRC_2016

Pauline Stephenson (JIC): INDEHISCENT vs Pod Shatter (Taming oil seed rape) – 24_Pauline_Stephenson_UKBRC_2016

Eric Holub (Warwick): BBSRC-CGAT work on the genetics of white rust resistance – 25_Eric_Holub_UKBRC_2016

John Walsh (Warwick): Arable and vegetable brassica virus research at Warwick – 26_John_Walsh_UKBRC_2016

Rui Guan (Rothamsted): Manipulation of epiculticular wax in Brassica rapa to improve
photosynthetic yield – 27_Rui_Guan_ UKBRC_2016

Ian Bancroft (York): Resource update relating to RIPR and OREGIN projects – 28_Ian_Bancroft_UKBRC_2016

Colin Miles (BBSRC): Update:_Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) – 29_Colin_Miles_UKBRC_2016


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