The 2015 general conference of the UK Brassica Research Community was on 11 May at the University of York. A PDF of the final programme can be downloaded here: UKBRC2015 programme


Session 1: Short Presentations from the Community

Charlotte White (ADAS) – Charlotte_White_UKBRC_2015_OSR_Rooting_limiting_resource_capture

Kate Storer (ADAS) – Kate_Storer_UKBRC_2015_PrecisioN-AG

John Hammond (University of Reading) – John_Hammond_UKBRC_SARISA_2015

Neil Graham (University of Nottingham) – Neil_Graham_UKBRC_2015_Nottingham

Henk-jan Schoonbeck (John Innes Centre) – PAMP- Triggered immunity in Brassicas and our plans to study Quantitative Disease Resistance in the Assist panel using GWAS

Elaine Howell (University of Birmingham) – Elaine_Howell_UKBRC_2015_Chromosome_pairing

Maria Cuacos (University of Birmingham) – Maria_Cuacos_UKBRC_11May15

Joana Vicente (University of Warwick) – Joana_Vicente_UKBRC_2015_White_rust_resistance

Paul Hunter (University of Warwick) – Paul_Hunter_UKBRC_2015_OSR_Rhizodeposition

Graham Teakle (University of Warwick) – Teakle_UKBRC_2015_Other_Warwick_Projects


Session 2: Community Resources updates

Dan Bolser (EBI) – Dan_Bolser_Brassica_in_Ensembl_UKBRC_2015

Mimi Tanimoto (UK Plant Science Federation) – Mimi_Tanimoto_UKBRC_2015_UKPSF_update

Sarah Ayling (TGAC) – Brassica data management

Peter Glen Walley (University of Warwick) – Peter_Walley_UKBRC_2015VeGIN

Ian Bancroft (University of York) – Ian_Bancroft_UKBRC_2015_RIPR_OREGIN

Penny Hundleby / Tom Lawrenson (John Innes Centre) – Hundleby_Lawrenson_UKBRC_2015_BRACT

Saleha Bakht (John Innes Centre) – TILLING update

Jon Wright (TGAC) – Jon_Wright_UKBRC_2015_Brapa_Exome_Capture



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