The 2014 general conference of the UK Brassica Research Community was on 15 May at the University of Warwick, Wellesbourne. A PDF of the final programme can be downloaded here: UKBRC2014 programme


Trude Schwarzacher (University of Leicester) – Repetitive DNA evolution in Brassica

Chris Ridout (John Innes Centre) – Immunity in Brassicas from model to crop

Session 2: Short Presentations from the Community

Charlotte Allender (University of Warwick) – UKBRC14 1_Allender

Fran Robson (John Innes Centre) – UKBRC14 2_RevGenUK

Guy Barker (University of Warwick) – UKBRC14 3_Barker

Jose Gutierez-Marcos (University of Warwick) – UKBRC14 4_JGM

Rachel Lockley (Harper Adams University) – UKBRC14 5_Lockley

Rihan Hail (Plymouth University) – UKBRC14 6_Rihan

Henrik Stotz (University of Hertfordshire) – UKBRC14 7_Stotz

Mohamed El-Esawi (Visiting Researcher at the University of Warwick) – UKBRC14 8_El-Esawi

Christine Hicks (University of Warwick) – UKBRC14 9_Hicks

Charlotte White (ADAS) – UKBRC14 10_White

Jianhua Yang (University of Birmingham) – UKBRC14 11_Yang

Sajjad Awan (University of Warwick) – UKBRC14 12_Awan

John Walsh (University of Warwick) – UKBRC14 13_Walsh

Session 3: Project Updates

Ian Bancroft (University of York) - Renewable Industrial Products from Rapeseed

Vicky Buchanan-Wollaston (University of Warwick) – Vegetable Genetic Improvement Network

Graham Teakle – Oilseed Rape Genetic Improvement Network

Session 4: Looking to the future

Ellie Marshall (HGCA) – Levy funding of oilseed rape research and the future HGCA research strategy

Jim Beynon (UKPSF) – Current status and future challenges in UK plant science



3 Responses to May 2014 Annual Meeting – Warwick, Wellesbourne

  1. Chris Ridout says:

    Happy to give a short 5 min presentation if appropriate for the meeting

  2. Mohamed El-Esawi says:

    Very pleased to give a short 5 min presentation