UK-BRC Annual Meeting – 9th May 2013 – Rothamsted Research

Final Programme


Project Updates:

Pete Eastmond (Rothamsted) – Manipulating metabolism to increase the oil content of seeds and vegetative tissues

Steph Heard (Rothamsted) – The application of biosensor technology to protect oilseed rape from pathogen threat

Yong-Ju Huang (U of Hertfordshire) – Understanding races of Leptosphaeria maculans for sustainable management of phoma stem canker in oilseed rape

Henrik Stotz (U of Hertfordshire) – Stability of Resistance against Leptosphaeria maculans

Lars Ostergaard (JIC) – Exploiting knowledge on gene function to combat pod shatter in oilseed rape


Guest Speaker:

Paul Thornalley (U of Warwick Medical School) – Optimising health benefits from Brassica vegetables

Project Updates (cont.):

Neil Graham (U of Nottingham) – Update on Brassica biofortification.

Peter Walley (U of Warwick) – Capturing the Genetic Diversity in Brassica Crops and Wild Relatives

Jay Moore (U of Warwick) – C genome diversity set transcriptome analysis

Jianhua Yang (U of Birmingham) – Constructing a Brassica rapa interactome using protein–protein interaction data from Arabidopsis thaliana

Resources and Tools:

Charis Cook (GARNet) + Pierre Carion (Rothamsted) – The Digital face of the UK-BRC

John Doonan (IBERS) – Accessing the National Plant Phenomics Centre

Tom Lawrenson (JIC) – Update on the Transformation Services from BRACT

Guy Barker (U of Warwick) – Brassica Genomics Update

Sarah Ayling (TGAC) + Dan Bolser (EBI) + Pierre Carion (Rothamsted) – Brassica Informatics in the UK, a vision for the future


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