Fully Funded Workshop Opportunity for Early Career Crop Researchers:  Latest technologies for crop improvement

A current worldwide challenge is to produce and supply enough safe and nutritious food in a sustainable way for a growing global population. Developing new innovative technologies to improve crop varieties in terms of productivity and to secure consistent and high quality end products in agriculture have been the main aims of many researchers. There is a clear need for transfer of the latest technologies and strategies for crop improvement from leading scientists to the agricultural industry.

Mahmut Tör (University of Worcester, UK) and Hikmet Budak (Sabanci University, Turkey) are joint coordinators of a workshop to highlight current applications of new technologies for crop improvement. This will include identifying challenges in the field and reviewing the current tools and technologies available for providing advanced solutions to the problems in the field. The workshop aims to bring together leading researchers as mentors, young early career research scientists and industrialists from the plant breeding sectors to exchange knowledge and share best practice in crop improvement.

Presentations from experts in the field will provide delegates with an overview of the new genomic technologies including next generation sequencing, quantitative and statistical genetic techniques applied to crop breeding, genome editing and genotyping.  Researcher and mentor-led discussion sessions will provide an opportunity for delegates to identify and exploit best practice across the plant breeding industry.

Networking sessions at both the beginning and end of the workshop will ensure that participants understand the research areas and skills of each other and can identify and establish links with potential partners for future collaborations.

The workshop will contribute to the personal and professional development of the early career researchers.  Specifically it aims to:

  • Encourage confidence and capability in presentation and communication in a different environment
  • Increase ability to network with people from the same and different countries and cultures
  • Increase participants knowledge and understanding of the current job market beyond academia
  • Identify financial resources, networks and people for further help and support
  • Identify new research areas
  • Identify weakness and strengths in their career profile
  • Explore career opportunities within the field
  • Network with other researchers from beyond their immediate research team and learn about collaborative research
  • Explore how to examine the range of possible career options available within the field
  • Be able to evaluate their career interests
  • Understand how to relate to others from different situations
  • Be able to evaluate their own skills, knowledge and abilities that would enhance their performance in their own environment

The workshop is on 22-26 February, Antalya, Turkey. To apply, download and complete the application form hereApplicants must be based in either the UK or Turkey, but there is no restriction on nationality. For further enquiries, please contact m.tor@worc.ac.uk


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